Ready to cooperate with other political forces for release of claimed political prisoners

Regardless of political affiliation, membership in any party or organization, ideological views, from good or bad attitude towards us, we are against any arrest for political reasons. Huseyn Melik’s arrest also worries us, and we would like him to be released as soon as possible.

Everyone, regardless of the personality, must act within the framework of the laws (even if the laws do not apply to everyone), clarify their judgments and fight within the framework of civilized rules. No matter how difficult it is. I hope that Hussein Melik will soon prove his innocence and be released.

I do not think he renders a danger to public safety. And in general, I urge the authorities to be more attentive and tolerant towards politicians.

We are ready to cooperate and work together with other political forces in order to secure the release of all claimed political prisoners.

Statement by Razi Nurullayev, chairperson of PFPA

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