Azerbaijan nation once raised its flag and it will never drop! Armenia hands off Azerbaijan

Armenia is a puppet, marionet country and a multi-purpose tool to use for different aims. Pashinyan is humiliating the #Armenian nation and hides himself behind the Russia-brokered humanitarian truce. Armenia indiscriminately targets civilians, peaceful cities and already killed 7+ civils in #Ganja city, launched a missile toward #Mingachevir city, where essential industrial plants are located and is one of the highly denied populated areas.

I wonder what the French President thinks of it. Does he like what is PM Pashinyan commiting? Does #Russia like the way it has brokered a truce to send fatal weapons to Armenia?

Azerbaijan has all the right to self-defense and to broker a military deal with any country that would stand by it to defend the Azerbaijani statehood.

The world is hypocritical and it doesn’t cause any doubt anymore. The Azerbaijani nation doesn’t want the #MinskGroup hypocritical mediation services and you yet impose it to Azerbaijani side.

Azerbaijan nation once raised its flag and it will never drop!

The Azerbaijani political parties, including me as a chairman of National Front Party are standing by President Aliyev and share the responsibility whatever occurs from now on. We are united as a nation and will remain as this to back our people and statehood.

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