Do you propose the 700 000 refugees from the occupied territories to wait another 30 years?

Mr. President, it is very good that you wish to save lives. It is one thing to want it, but I am sure nobody is able to enforce Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan to observe it. Azerbaijani citizens witnessed that with each humanitarian ceasefire they wanted to bring forward their military positions, equipment, to locate occupational army in better higher geographies.

Donald Trump

With the ceasefire effective they launched a missile attack on the second largest city of Azerbaijan – sleeping Ganca city and killed tens of innocent people.

Mr. President, Armenia keeps under occupation our internationally-recognized lands under occupation for almost 30 years and since 1994 the so-called Minsk Group has been dealing with the solution with zero results. Do you propose the 700 000 refugees from the occupied territories to wait another 30 years? Do you really want this?

I wonder if you know on which dire conditions the Azerbaijani 750 000 – 800 000 internally-displaced persons and 200 000 refugees from Armenia live and suffer? Did you ever think of them, Mr. President? Did you ever wish to visit them and see how hopeless they became and lost all their confidence in both Minsk Group and the UN and all other organizations?

Mr. President, do you know that the journalists from the United States interview the Azerbaijani President and ask questions the way if they were the Armenian journalist? Do you know that the fight is happening in our land that you also recognize as our sovereign territory?

Do you know that Azerbaijani and Armenian bombs, weapons, missiles only drop in our land, destroy our land, kill our people, and jeopardize our sovereignty and territorial integrity? Any millimeter land of Armenia is not harmed. Are you going to help us to hold Armenia accountable for all that they’ve caused and harmed?

You urge ceasefire, but that only suits Armenia to bring more weapons to the frontline, build new military strongholds. Does Armenia provide a timetable to withdraw its occupational army from our land? Are you sure that Armenia is going to recognize the territorial integrity of ours?

In these long years, we learned not to trust Armenia’s military-political leadership and you will also very soon, in a day or two will yourself witness it.

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