Youth activists of major political party are arrested in Azerbaijan

Today hundreds of activists of Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan gathered in front of “Elmlar Akademiyasi” metro station to demand freedom to political prisoners in Azerbaijan and the police dispersed the protesters very severely and used physical violence. Tens of activists are detained and several of them are taken to Yasamal district court and they might be sentenced to several days of imprisonment and also there is a risk of detention for longer time following criminal case. The names if detained are: Dayanat Babayev, Jabbar Savalanly, Bahruz Hasanov, who is a brother of political prisioner Babek Hasanov, Ziya Zohrab, Saghif Gurbanov, Abulfez Gurbanli, Togrul Ibrahim, Dadash Sadigli, Nuru Nuruzade, Bayim Hasanli, Majid Marjanli, Rovshan Asadov, Samir Huseynli, Mr. Arzuman Majidli, the father of Elnur Majidli, a political prisoner arrested on 2-nd April last year during the mass protest.

There is a news that the newly released activist Mr. Jabbar Savalanly has been severely beaten and now doctors are there to examine his health conditions.

 Please, also note that the relatives of the detained are also pressurized and risk losing their job places.

Please, act immediately to help with the release of the arrested activists.

Chairman of Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan Mr. Ali Karimli condemned the police crack down on the party activists and called upon the international community to act urgently and do all their utmost efforts to help with the release of the arrested. Today International community should be more determined and fast to react to lawfulness of the Azerbaijani authorities.

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