The “Five” may grow into the Public Chamber

Pro-democracy Oppositional Public Chamber of AzerbaijanPopular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA), Musavat, Democratic Party of Azerbaijan (DPA), National independence Party of Azerbaijan (NIPA) and Classic Popular Front Party (CPFP) unity. What to expect?

PFPA chairman Mr. Ali Karimli, Musavat party chairman Mr. Isa Gambar, DPA chairman Mr. Sardar Jalaloglu, NIPA chairman Mr. Yusif Bagirzade and CPFP chairman Mr. Mirmahmud Mirelioglu came together in Baku in an unofficial meeting to discuss political life of Azerbaijan in the wave of the latest developments in the world.

The major outcome of the meeting has been a decision by the leaders that the “Five” may cooperate and act from the common position on several issues. Public Chamber officials Mr. Ali Karimli and Isa Gambar made a positive step towards the other political movements with the hope that the “Five” may gradually grow into Public Chamber, which is the most effective oppositional bloc for today.

Ali Karimli, chairperson of Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan

Was there a need for another political bloc?

It is not a yet an official oppositional bloc. A major oppositional political bloc is a Pro-Opposition Public Chamber of Azerbaijan established in 2010 aftermath the 2010 Parliamentary Elections by mainly PFPA and Musavat party as well as more eight parties and a broad civil society representation. The more eight parties in the Public Chamber are represented if not by the chairmen of the parties, but by the deputies of the chairmen, other high-ranking officials and activists of the parties.

Yet there are other political blocs as well. The “Five” leaders are represented in other blocs, apart from PFPA and Musavat and this new unofficial gathering is expected to build bridges among the opposition in Azerbaijan and bring them most hopefully around the Public Chamber and almost unite all the Azerbaijani opposition. So, the idea here is not to build another political bloc, but rather negotiate bring them all around the Public Chamber.

Isa Gambar, chairperson of Musavat Party

The “Five” sent a message out to international community, too. Azerbaijani opposition is firmly fixed upon the unity and will go to 2013 Presidential elections in close cooperation, which also requires the international community to closely cooperate with the opposition and help with the efforts of the Azerbaijani people with their struggle for true democracy. Bearing this in mind, Public Chamber pursues a policy to bring together all the oppositional minded movements, regardless of their size – big or small.


Most observers say that this new gathering will make it possible for the Public Chamber officials Mr. Ali Karimli and Mr. Isa Gambar to coordinate and agree the most of the issues to act together with the other three parties as far as the three parties – DPA, NIPA and CPFP are represented in the Public Chamber by many officials below the chairman level. This new approach and gathering proves that Public Chamber is sincere in all its efforts and ready to cooperate with the sound powers for the bright future of the Azerbaijan and true democracy.

Mirmahmud Mirelioglu, chairperson of Classic Popular Front Party
Yusif Bagirzade, chairperson of National Independence Party of Azerbaijan
Sardar Jalaloglu, chairperson of Democratic Party of Azerbaijan


Razi Nurullayev is a chairman of the Board of REGION” International Analytical Center (RIAC) and deputy-chairperson of  Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan on Foreign Affairs

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