Party activist is accused of drug posession – trumped up charge

1801131_626566900752176_1846442126_oElvin Abdullayev, member of Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan and an active young man was yesterday arrested and taken in unknown direction.

It turned out later that he had been kidnapped by the police and taken to capital Baku city Narimanov district police station.

His mother was at the court фтв she was told her son was brought to police station being accused of drug possession.

Azerbaijani authorities do usually arrest activists either on drug/weapon possession or resistance to police, including disturbing the public order and using bad language.

Elvin Abdullayev is an active youth and intensively used social media. He almost everyday criticised the authorities for their corrupt and unjust behaviour.

Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan believes that Elvin Abdullayev has been arrested for his political activism. Therefore, calls on the authorities to stop arbitrary arrests and respect the laws and its international commitments. It also calls on the international community to put more pressure on the Azerbaijani government and consider the most effective ways to mention the authorities of their illegal actions and potential consequences to pay.

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