Khadija Ismayilova’s new letter from the prison for her friends

khadijaKhadija Ismayilova published a letter in Azadlig radio several days ago. I have translated it into English and you can now read her letter.

«The links tying the incumbent regime to Russia has nothing to do with our national interests»

My dears! I am good. No worries. I do not know how to express my gratitude to you for the support you provided to me and my family.

No the important thing is to continue the struggle. I am not aware of how my colleagues at radio build and do their work. However, I am confident that wherever they are will work for the information awareness of the Azerbaijani people.

It is important to continue the activity both inside and outside of the country. It is also possible to surrender the country to the robbers and observe from far. But until our last breath, then we will not be able to silence our conscience as we handed it over without a fight to the lies and flattery. But there are thousands of nameless heroes in this country who either win or lose the fight in their own capacity. They need an example of the heroes who fought under the same conditions, in the same place. And as long as there are examples, the right cause will win.

“Azadlig” newspaper deserves a big thank you for the example service it provides in the fight of the good and the evil. Thank you, friends!

There also must be some pessimist friends who say “everything is over, nothing will get right”. There were times, when I also was indulged into pessimism. But I always had the principles that help me: “The success story is not about the changing governments, but about the examples you set”.

We all – you, we and all of us write the success story. Since we’re not broken, we did not lose.

I hope you will forgive my long silence. After previous letter I had written I was inserted into solitary confinement. But again, I continued writing. After all these, there was a search in my cell and all my writings and the list of items I wanted from the hope was raided and taken away from me. There were writings among the seized for you and the mail I wanted to send via post to the Penitentiary service. The seized items have not been returned yet. Most probably I have many readers at the Penitentiary service, not all of them finished reading.

I receive the newspapers with delay and rarely, too. I asked to bring to me my subscribed newspapers, I suggested subscribing them to the newspapers I read, too, but it did not work. Well, I read them when I can. The family still not allowed seeing me. So, I have a little information from outside. But again, there are books I read and translate one of them for you, it is called the “Children of the Cacaranda tree” by Delijani, which is about the fight of two generations who face tragedies in their fight against the regime in Iran.

We can openly see the fight among the supporters of West and Russia within the government in Azerbaijani TV channels. To be fair, ANS TV fights in its own alone against the fifth column of Russia.

“On 20 January the US made Russian army intervene”, ANS TV tries with fear to respond to the Russian supporters of this kind of absurd thoughts. It tries to use some sentences from the president’s speech, where it may slightly mean “Russia is an aggressor”. I think, this we can say is a very brave step under the current censorship. However, I do not believe in the effects of it.

Just because, Ilham Aliyev never dared to openly accuse Russia in its direct participation in Khojaly massacre and it is a bare fact that he never expressed his concern for Russian participation in 20 January, occupation if its territories, provision of weapons to Armenia and in other similar issues.

There are more superficial reasons why official Baku is so obedient to Moscow apart “from the policy balance”. President Ilham Aliyev’s both two daughters have married Russian citizens. Virgin Island companies have also been established via the law firm in Moscow. At the time of the collapse of the Russian economy, they continue investing the money they’ve earned in Azerbaijan in Russian banks where they are shareholders. The links tying the incumbent regime to Russia has nothing to do with our national interest. Prior to presidential elections in Azerbaijan, Putin visited Baku with the military vessel and he was here to support Ilham Aliyev in person, not the Azerbaijani people.

Protests against Russia in Armenia, cooling in relations was extremely instructive incident. Armenia seems to drop lifeboats into the water from the sunken Russian ship. Instead, Azerbaijan sends applause to Russia and curse to West.
The rescue of drowned is their own business. The important thing is not to allow the country to sank together with those drowned.

Khadija, Kurdakhani, February 2014 (azadliq.org)


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