Georgia, a model for building a democratic society like the Baltic states

The election of Mrs. Salome Zurabishvili as the first female president in the history of the Caucasus region is a pride for Georgia, and this fact will open up to the country even greater political and economic opportunities on a global scale. And we, as Azerbaijani politicians, have a lot to learn from them, the fact of election sets a good example for the whole region. Azerbaijan needs to further expand political and economic reforms and implement concrete actions to build a liberal society.

Georgia gives the world, I would say, like the Baltic states, a model for building a democratic society. This suggests that in the next few years, the welfare of the population will change dramatically, and they will be ahead of us for several decades.

Azerbaijan faces the danger of losing the role of the regional center. International organizations, investors, banks and financial institutions will prefer to be in Tbilisi. The first manifestation of this we saw on the example of the Norwegian Embassy.

Georgians are on the right track, and I wish them success on this path. I have sympathy for Mr. Saakashvili, but coming back will not be the right thing. Each politician has his own time, if the time has expired and you have left, then an attempt to return may plunge the country into chaos. Saakashvili was able to build a new Georgia. But those who came after him were able to raise the country to a new level. This is nice, and there is no need to create new political unrest.

I believe that Georgia will cope with difficulties through stability and civil solidarity and will further deepen relations with Azerbaijan. There are certain drawbacks in our relations, and they mainly come from the Georgian side. Azerbaijan has always been close to Georgia, in a difficult moment, it extended its brotherly hand. I would like the Georgian people and its political elite to appreciate it properly.

I heartily congratulate Mrs. Salome Zurabishvili on her victory and want to believe that she, together with Azerbaijan and other countries, will do a great deal to establish a just peace in the region.

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