Sending public officials in Azerbaijan to remote poor areas as in China to live there

I am now studying the economic leap of China and the steps taken to eliminate poverty. Met the work of deputies, economists, scientists and representatives of other professions related to this. While exploring a lot of works done, I faced with scientific suggestions, plagiarism, the desire to “discover America”, idealization and fantasy.

In the end, I came to this conclusion. There is no need to rediscover America. Everything is very simple, and very simple solutions can solve the problem fundamentally.

Most of the people represented in the leadership of China come from rural areas, from poor families, and they have experienced the half-starved lives of people in their own skin. They began the fight against poverty from the villages.

According to UN standards, in 1988, the Chinese received two dollars a day and the number of poor in the country was 88%. The poverty level is currently 0.7%, and in the next year or two in China, there will not be a single poor.

They came to this result thinking this way:

  • How can a public official who sits in a warm office and drinks tea with chocolate, understand the one who is boiling tea at the fire;
  • How can a peasant, a worker walking in the dirt in the winter and stomped in the dust in the summer, be understood by a man who is wearing a tie and a clean suit?
  • How can one riding soft, comfortable, clean expensive cars understand those using the delayed dirty bus, subway, and other public transport means?
  • How can those having the opportunity to have a good dinner, eating in good cafes, restaurants, always choosing organic and rich food, feel the same with those who every day have breakfast with cheese and bread, who have not known the taste of meat for months?
  • How the father and mother, who sent their children to study abroad to make them avoid the military service can share the concerns of the parents whose sons are on the front line and can fall dead anytime giving their lives for their homeland?
  • How public officials with ties and suits, taking treatments in the most advanced foreign hospitals can understand those who have no money to go to the doctor, who carries the doctor’s prescription in their pocket due to lack of money to buy medicines?
  • How all those abusing public services, living happily even ever after the dismissal can understand those who knock at different doors in search of work?
  • How public officials affording to buy everything for their children can understand those parents who bypass shopping centers, shops, and other entertainment centers?
  • How those officials who solve their problems through one call, can understand those poor fellows who have been waiting at the door for months, sent from one door to another? And so on and so forth … “

As I understood from what I read, public officials in China are obligated several times a year to live in the poor man’s house, to wear what he dresses, eat what he eats and use the roads they use. The state analyzed that it was precisely as a result of this that all problems in the countryside began to be massively solved. And I appeal to the government of Azerbaijan and in all seriousness recommend:

Public officials (necessarily ministers, too) must be sent to the people, to remote villages, so that for 3-4 days their life will not differ from the lives of those living there. Then they will perfectly begin to understand the people. Then the government can monitor the result!

Razi Nurullaev, chairman of PFPA

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