The Karabakh war and the war in Ukraine: Putin is wrong, but Ilham Aliyev was right

“International law is just a tool in the hands of the powerful states,” says the chairman of the National Front Party, MP Razi Nurullayev.

During the 44-day war with Armenia, two countries – Turkey and Pakistan were on the side of Azerbaijan. Having a similar problem, Ukraine more or less showed support for Azerbaijan. And in Belarus, it was as if only President Lukashenko supported us. In such a tight framework, the Azerbaijani people defeated Armenia, and only Russia saved Armenia from a complete defeat.

In the Russian-Ukrainian war, the whole world is with Ukraine and its President Zelensky, and everyone is praying for them. And I pray for Ukraine because I consider it right.

Even in Russia itself, there are those who want Ukraine to win. And did Azerbaijan live up to when we fought the Armenian aggression? During the 44-day war, the whole world and the leaders of the countries put pressure on the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, threatened him, even tried to blackmail him, demanded to stop the war imposed on us by Armenia. What the President of Azerbaijan had to experience during the 44-day war can be compared with the current situation in which the President of Russia finds himself. But with one “but”.

The level of rightness in these situations is different: Putin is wrong, and Ilham Aliyev was right.

The whole world is now up in arms against Mr. Putin, as they consider Ukraine and President Volodymyr Zelensky to be right, and President Putin to be wrong. And the only difference is that, despite the 30-year occupation of Azerbaijani territories and our 100% rightness, the Azerbaijani people and their President were unfairly condemned.

Of course, I am happy about the support of Ukraine. I just want to compare the reality in which we live. This reality shows how unfair the world is and how double standards are applied in it. What was called international law no longer exists. It is just a tool in the hands of the powerful states.

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