President of Azerbaijan vs PM of Armenia

I have watched tens of interviews of both President of Azerbaijan and PM of Armenia.

Azerbaijan president Ilham Aliyev’s logic is really strong, tells wise things and speaks constructively, whereas Armenian Prime Minister shows stubbornness with no logic and wisdom.

He speaks onesided and for only armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh as a separate nation and state. He never mentions of the almost 1 million azerbaijanis ousted from their own territory. He doesn’t want to accept that Nagorno-Karabakh is internationally recognized as Azerbaijan’s territory.

He goes against all the laws and norms and thinks that the people should praise him for his naughtiness. He doesn’t behave like PM, a state figure. Azerbaijan president, however speaks for peace, for virtues of both nations.

What Azerbaijan does now is to force Armenia to accept peaceful solution. 30 years Azerbaijan have been enduring the hardship of the conflict, the burden of 1 million IDPs and refugees. Diplomacy did not help, now the military strength should back the diplomacy to bring the results about.

If Armenia doesn’t like the way of settlement Azerbaijan president proposes and insists that it should namely create a second Armenian state, then we do not mind the PM create it in France. Mr. Macron loves armenians and would probably give them a space to build their a second statehood. We resolutely mind the PM attempting to create it in our land.

Hands off Azerbaijan!

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