Nikol Pashinyan kept provoking Azerbaijan and still keeps doing it…

Azerbaijan president has a full support of all the people, political forces and that respect and trust keeps growing further. Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan keeps losing credibility with the Armenians failing the trust entrenched in him by his people.

I closely watch Pashinyan’s interviews with journalists and witness how hypocritical he becomes. He keeps telling lies and ignores the questions being put to him, keeps speaking what he wants avoiding hard questions. At that time I can’t understand why the journalists except that of BBC don’t have a self-respect as to deny and stop him from telling lies and speaking evils.

For many times I’m deeply surprised when journalists let him bulshit and compile legends and mythical stories about Armenia and its “poor” people. He is allowing himself and sometimes allowed to humiliate Azerbaijanis who fed and embraced Armenians many centuries long.

I am also surprised when he talks of Armenians living and suffering in Karabakh as if of Azerbaijani bombs and not stopped to ask the question of almost 700 thousand of internally displaced Azerbaijanis from Karabakh and more than 200 thousand from Armenia. He keeps lying and lying, even lies about 4 UN security council resolutions, turns blind eye to those Azerbaijanis having lived and now ousted from there, speaks loudly and poorly of as if ethnic cleansing attempts of Azerbaijan nowadays, but covers the fact of ethnic cleansing in Karabakh back in early 90s by Armenian armed forces committed against the Azerbaijani community.

Now there’s not a single Azerbaijani either in Karabakh or Armenia, but at least 40 thousand Armenians live throughout Azerbaijan. Why not mention this fact to this man who came to power from the street and fails to become a state man with wise thinking. Why did he not stop his wife Anna from exposing herself with a weapon targeting an Azerbaijani soldier? Why did he organise a false “president’s inauguration ceremony in occupied ancient city of Shusha and danced himself, thus insulting the feelings of Azerbaijani people?

He kept provoking Azerbaijan and kept doing it everyday… 

There are a lot of questions the journalists must ask him and not let him to sneak away from the direct and sincere answers. Hypocrisy and injustice are bad things to practice not only for politicians, but also for all.

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