The Lachin corridor should come under the control of Azerbaijan

Araik Harutyunyan, a war criminal of the separatist regime in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, was in Moscow. If Moscow took such an incomprehensible step, then Azerbaijan retains the right to unilaterally leave the agreement of November 10 and punish the criminals of the separatist regime and at the same time close the Lachin corridor.

On the whole, Russia’s behavior is very alarming. It does not provide an opportunity to make decisions on our territory by ourselves. Every day separatist representatives call our Karabakh region their second independent Armenian homeland a hundred times while their homeland is Armenia. The question is, would Russia like the Armenians living in Sochi and other cities of Russia to declare a third Armenian country on their territory?

I think we need to close the Lachin corridor and cut their communication artery. Communication should be with the Azerbaijani side and a full stop.

And now, let Russia justify what Arayik is doing in Moscow? Why the Lachin corridor turned into a waterway? Russian peacekeepers let in whoever they want. With what passport did he go there and with whom does he meet?

We definitely need to change the status of the Lachin corridor. As chairman of the National Front Party, I demand that the government express its position on the amendments based on the November 10 agreement. If Russia does not fulfill its obligations, then we must abandon its peacekeeping services. Now, I ask a question. What the hell are the Armenian troops doing in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan? Why are they not taken out? Why did those armed separatists create a ceasefire line in our land, why are they digging a trench?

The Armenian army was to leave our territory according to the agreement of November 10. In general, why do they not return to the jurisdiction of Azerbaijan, why should they behave as a separate state? Because they get power from Russia. What a disgraceful act to declare the Russian language an official in Karabakh and Russia keeping silent and just watching…

Russia wouldn’t allow the formation of a second state on its territory. We won’t allow it either. Azerbaijan should conduct an anti-terrorist operation to arrest Araik and his fellow criminals, and the Lachin corridor should come under the control of Azerbaijan. I see no other way out.

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