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A boycott is not a way. National Front Party enters presidential race in Azerbaijan

When there are elections, then a political party, if possible, should certainly take part in them. After all, political parties and politicians dream of winning elections and it is the only way to come to power by legal means. Elections are not a simple process, it is not easy to collect signatures, and it is not easy to wage a political struggle. Being the chairman of a political party and being called a politician also has its gravity of responsibilities and obligations: it imposes on every politician and party certain responsibilities and duties towards party members and the entire people in general. We, as the National Front Party, go to the elections with our candidate. The party nominated me – Razi Nurullayev as a presidential candidate. We go to the polls with an open heart and confidence.

Whether to take part in elections or not is the choice of every politician and political party. But look askance at others, humiliate them in order to hide one’s shortcomings and weakness, attack other candidates and call on them to boycott the elections is the last resort. The PFPA Chairman Ali Karimli’s motives for boycott calls are not logic. Since the potential consequences of the boycott for the elections are unknown, it may not lead to anything positive. This is simply an attempt to extend one’s political life and ground the non-participation.

For one reason or another, one may not take part in the elections. One party cannot collect a sufficient number of signatures, another cannot participate due to a lack of financial resources, the third may not consider itself ready for that: this is the case all over the world. But boycotting elections is the last resort for a politician or a political party. One can boycott once, but if one boycott elections every time, then who needs such a party and such a politician? PFPA Chairman Ali Karimli decided to boycott the early presidential elections scheduled for next year, and is putting pressure on other political parties and politicians to join the boycott. Why? For what? What have the regular boycotts of the PFPA, and the decisions of the PFPA, given to the people so far?

“We were caught by surprise, the elections will be unfair, and the elections won’t bring to changes” and other similar statements have already set people’s teeth on edge and cause outright laughter among the population. How long can one reiterate the same statements from one elections to another? One party is trying to retain power, others are trying to take away this power. In which country does power come to a politician on a plate? We must work with the people, fall, rise, fight, we must be able to lead the people behind us. It is impossible to come to power while sitting behind a monitor. There is only one presidential chair, and if it were so easy to sit in it, then why do we need elections with all their vicissitudes? In America, this process goes on for almost two years and sometimes resembles a bloody massacre: abuse, insults, humiliation, blackmail and dozens of other unseemly deeds. This is an election, what can one say? This is the same all over the world. Without difficulties and overcoming them, nothing can be achieved.

The boycott of the elections by the PFPA chairman is not a good decision. If he had closed the question with his decision and put it in a distant drawer, then we would not have had to waste time answering him. But he says that all the candidates joining the elections are traitors. If you’re a real strong opposition why couldn’t you bring any changes within thirty years of time during which you’ve been leading the party. For thirty years you keep meeting the rotating European ambassadors and keep telling them the same story.  Sine thirty years you’ve never been rotated however. You’ve been stuck to your chair for more than thirty years and blame others for keeping their chair. How long can one repeat the same sentences, the same words, the same accusations? The people want to see concrete deeds, concrete actions and results.

If you are such a strong opposition, so confident in yourself, please, lead hundreds of thousands of people, join elections, collect signatures in a week’s time, and prove your strength and people’s support. Call on your supporters and conduct a nationwide election campaign. Isn’t this a chance to work with millions of people on the eve of the elections, to convey to them your program, your goals and aspirations, your view of what is happening in society?

Appearing on social networks every day, giving dozens of interviews, repeating the same thing over and over again is too monotonous and tiring. People want dynamics, something new and concrete results. The people do not need various excuses, illogical, far-fetched justifications; concrete results are important to the people. The people do not accept and will not accept the boycott of the opposition. And the party and the person who takes such a step are faced with the danger of weakening and sinking to the level of rural amateur activity.

We, as the National Front Party, adhering to social democratic ideology, are participating in the presidential elections with our candidate. In order to achieve a positive result, we will work closely with the people. On the other hand, victory in elections is not determined by obtaining the presidency. This falls to the lot of one party and one person. Others also receive their dividends. Some gain invaluable experience, others get the opportunity to convey their ideas and mission to a wide range of voters, and still others strive to be better known. These are internationally accepted parameters. For the first time, the National Front Party with its candidate is entered in the presidential race, and this is our first success.

I wish Azerbaijan successful elections and results.

Razi Nurullayev, Member of Parliament, Chairman of the National Front Party, presidential candidate of Azerbaijan

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