What should be the new parliament in Azerbaijan

There are many who rejoice the dissolution of the parliament as if they would come to the place of those leaving, or by doing so, the social and political problems of the people will be solved. And this truth may turn out to be false. And the reason is that the mission of deputies is misunderstood by society, stereotypes are created as a result of propaganda. Does a deputy build roads, improve, lay sewers or water pipes, or maybe he is a benefactor? There are some who help those who are trying to create their own small independent state within the state; there are those who conduct propaganda as if they achieved everything themselves. There are many who close their eyes to the felling of the tree in the shade of which they sleep. I will speak about this in more detail in the subtitle.

Razi Nurullayev, new parliament in Azerbaijan, PFPA
Razi Nurullayev, politician

Understanding the reality and the current situation, I am not one of those who are glad that someone has resigned or lost their authority. But there are exceptions: these are those owners of positions and powers who rob the people, look down on them, behave like kings and do not even descend to answering phone calls, that are without conscience and beliefs, are uncultured, are engaged in arbitrariness and almost turned into robbers. They must not only leave, but they should also be put behind the bars and return all the loot.

What is Azerbaijan, who is representing it?

If the dollar is weakening in America, then Donald Trump is to blame, if it strengthens, this is Trump’s achievement. If an American soldier dies, everyone looks at Trump. If an American soldier kills Baghdadi, then the commander in chief and the hero is Trump, he is who writes the story. The creator of the world’s most powerful missiles is Vladimir Putin, and he is also to blame for the fact that Russia has been subjected to sanctions. And the conclusion is this:

Today, everything good and everything bad in Azerbaijan is Ilham Aliyev. According to unwritten laws and human views, Azerbaijan is Ilham Aliyev. Any positive and negative action, statement, behavior represented in this power is directly related to Ilham Aliyev. He is the one who is either criticized or praised. If a government bureaucrat misbehaves the citizens, humiliates plaintiffs, makes them wait for hours at the door, and goes out to feast through the back door, then this is a betrayal in relation to his work, the head of state and people. If an official demands a bribe to fulfill his official duties, by hook or by crook he becomes a companion of businessmen, demands a bribe from them, then this is a betrayal of the people and the President. If the appointed official is self-willed, creates a business with stolen budget funds, turns into an oligarch illegally and, having forgotten who he is and how he ended up in this place, begins to consider himself almost a savior of the people, then this is already an act of Judas Iscariot.

If an official solves the problems of citizens, helps people, correctly fulfills his duties, then this is again attributed to the head of state Ilham Aliyev and vice versa …

This is true all over the world. When we talk about America and Russia, we do not remember either minister, or heads of the executive branch, or deputies. In bad or good before our eyes appear the first faces of the country: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. And when we say Azerbaijan, we see Ilham Aliyev. And the fact that Ilham Aliyev faces the gaze in a positive or negative way depends on the officials he appoints, the deputies for whom he created the opportunities to be elected, and those who created a paradise for themselves in his shadow.

It seems that those who did not interfere with the felling of the tree in the shadow of which they were sleeping, picking the fruits from the tree but not caring that it was being cut, would not be forgiven. So, there were also such people in parliament, and the ruling party says goodbye to them!

Political Party Management and obedience

A political party is a car with a motor, screws and bolts, nuts, pedals, and a steering wheel. In whose hands the steering wheel, all other auxiliary mechanisms obey. If the brake fails, an accident occurs, if the bolt, nut, loosen, the wheel may jump out of its place. Unfortunately, in most parties – the ruling, pro-government or opposition – this mechanism is still not properly debugged. Democracy is still perceived as anarchy. Still, unlimited human freedom is perceived as liberalism and democracy. But is there any unlimited freedom outside of any framework? Every freedom, every government has its own limits and framework, and those who go beyond this framework are punished.

If members of a political party do not respect and do not fulfill the decisions made, then they become those details that can ruin the car. It really is. If the majority decides, then the rest must obey. If someone doesn’t like the decisions made, the steps taken or disagree with them, then he or she expresses his or her opinion, or resigns, or obeys the will of the majority and complies with the statutory rules.

Unfortunately, on both sides, there are both those who disagree and those who object, but there are those who disobey the will of the majority and do not abide by the rules. But along with this, they also do not leave the desire to remain in the political party and take advantage of the position held.
But the process of shaking and screening goes on both sides. The ruling party primarily demonstrates intolerance and states that the period of concessions is over. This intolerance led to the dissolution of parliament!

Expectations from the new Parliament and the Reality

The parliament did not have the strength to protect the president and his family from abuse and insults. The parliament of Azerbaijan had a business relationship, friendship, acquaintance with almost all legislative bodies of the world, but failed to protect the first person of the state and his team. Probably, this is another big reason for the dissolution.

In normal states with normal Parliament, no head of state and his family are offended in such a disgraceful manner by people whose identity, place of residence is known, and the state is powerless to hold them accountable under the laws of the countries where they reside. It is strange that so many civil servants, bureaucrats, a huge Parliament corps, a lot of interstate friendship committees could not solve this issue with the legislative bodies of those countries. Maybe they didn’t want to, or maybe some of them justified these insults and abuse. It wouldn’t be possible to turn a blind eye to how a citizen of another country, sitting in Azerbaijan, insults, and calls for terror against the first person of another country? Surely, normal states would immediately negotiate and achieve deportation of this person and the Azerbaijani government would voluntarily submit them. As we look toward western Europe, we see they turn blind eye to those emigrants who for months, years, call for terrorism, bloody revolution, beheading, murder, bloodshed against the President, his family and members of the Azerbaijani government.

But there is another truth. The behavior and speeches of some deputies directly “knocked out” the President, and there was no end in sight. For, as has already been said, no matter what the MPs said positive or negative, comments and criticisms were addressed directly to the President. People were at a loss and didn’t understand if the MPs consciously or unconsciously put the President under attack.

In the end, parliament crashed in protecting the president and his family from insults, abuse, failed statehood, and people’s well-being. And here is the result.

What should be the new parliament

First, stereotypes must change. The deputy will not build the road, will not give the house to the martyr’s family, will not lay water and gas pipelines, sewers to buy votes. He is not a benefactor. These should be done by the appropriate officials from state structures at the expense of budgetary funds. By law, a deputy must not be a businessman. An official cannot create and manage a business structure. How can those who break the laws create normal laws?

The deputy’s task is to prepare wonderful laws, to take legislative initiatives, to voice the concerns and problems of citizens, including the guard of the statehood. When drafting laws, voting, if the MPs think about their own business, or they serve the personal business of some official and ignore people’s well-being, it is sure to cause disturbance and unrest. Which parliamentary law is properly enforced and is it monitored? A simple example: they bowed to the tobacco mafia, the law on the ban on smoking indoors is not enforced. If the law adopted by the parliament was “spurred”, the members also become useless and burden.

One more question. It is unlawful to allow members of parliament, ministries, committees, all government agencies to build roads, provide assistance, and engage in charity “at the expense of internal resources”. How are internal resources formed? Internal resources are part of the looted, stolen from bloated spending of budget funds.

The new parliament should consist of competent people with a broad outlook, people who love their people, care about their state, work for their people and abide by the laws.

Razi Nurullaev, politician, chairman of PFPA

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